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Lintec Engineering’s core focus is to protect its customer’s plant from excessive wear.

Wear, problematic in bulk materials handling, causes high maintenance costs and unnecessary downtime resulting in lost revenue. Lintec wear resistant applications will reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and increase plant performance. Lintec selects the best lining materials for the application parameters and the client’s budget, thereby creating invaluable benefit for customers.

 Lintec Engineering provides wear solutions to the following industries:

-  Mining

-  Mineral Beneficiation

-  Base & Precious Metal Smelting

-  Power Generation (coal fired power stations)

-  Iron and Steel

-  Cement & Lime Manufacture

-  Petro-Chemical Refining and Production

Common items requiring wear linings are: Agitators; Branches; Chutes; Classifiers; Cones; Cyclones; Ejectors; Fans; Feeders; Launders; Manifolds; Mills; Pipes; Pipe Bends; Silos; Splitter Boxes; Spoons; Square Bends; Square to Round; Troughs; Trunions; T & Y-Pieces; and Venturis

Wear Products include: Alumina; Basalt; Carbides; UHMWPE; Concretes; Cast Alloy Iron; Hard-facing; Wear Compounds and Impact Panels.

Splitter lined with Alumina, Nose Lindure

Lintec Engineering prides itself on being a leader and innovator in wear technology.

Experience and expertise in wear linings dates back to 1969.