Lintec Alumina

Alumina ceramics offer exceptional wear and chemical resistance as well as mechanical and electrical insulation properties. Various specialised materials can be formed into almost any design and shape including intricate and machined components. A full range of alumina ceramic products is available.

Common items include: Tiles (Plain, Weld-on, Pipe, Cone, Corner); Rings; Cylinders; Pulley Lagging Tiles and Impact Blocks.

Lintec Alumina Wear Products are 92% Alumina, which is the optimum percentage for wear resistance. Lintec's L-92 Datasheet is available on request.


Standard Products, usually available ex-stock, are as follows:

P01Plain Tile15010012
P02Plain Tile15010025
P06Plain Tile1505012
P07Plain Tile1505025
P08Plain Tile15010050
P09Plain Tile1007512
P10Plain Tile1007525
P22Plain Tile150256
P25Plain Tile150506
P26Plain Tile1501006
P35Plain Tile1502512
W01Weld-on Tile15010012
W02Weld-on Tile15010025
W06Weld-on Tile1505012
W07Weld-on Tile1505025
W08Weld-on Tile15010050
PTAPipe Tile15029/3212
PTBPipe Tile15037/4012
PTCPipe Tile15047/5012
PTEPipe Tile15027/3225
PTFPipe Tile15035/4025
PTGPipe Tile15045/5025

 Alumina Pipe Bend


Alumina Ceramics


Alumina Nozzles



Lintec Engineering is constantly researching new and improved products for wear resistant applications. Products go through a vigorous quality control process which involves wear, density and dimensional testing. Lintec Engineering has the capability of both assessing and evaluating the products that it uses, and comparing the results to the company’s firmly established quality standards.