Lintec Wear Compounds, Epoxies and Adhesives

Specific purpose adhesives and wear resistant mortars are developed and manufactured according to strict quality control procedures.

This range of products is suitable for specialised applications and offers protection against abrasion.


Standard Products, usually available ex-stock, are as follows:

LA-75 STDStandard Tile Epoxy, for use up to 75oC / 167oF5.4 kg / 3L Kit
LA-75 QSQuick Setting Tile Epoxy, for use up to 75oC / 167oF4.8 kg / 3L Kit
LA-140High Temperature Tile Epoxy, for use up to 140oC / 284oF1 kg / 650 ml Kit
LA-170High Temperature Tile Epoxy, for use up to 170oC / 338oF 
LA-200Standard Silicon, for use up to 200oC / 392oF 
LA-260High Temperature Silicon, for use up to 260oC / 500oF 
LA-900High Temperature Adhesive, for use up to 900oC / 1652oF 
LINFIL STDStandard Wear Compound6 kg / 3L Kit
LINFIL HTHigh Temperature Wear Compound4.8 kg / 2.5L
BLACK COATAbrasion Resistant Gel Coat1.7 kg / 1L Bucket
BLUE COATAbrasion Resistant Gel Coat585 g Bucket

Wear Compound





Lintec Engineering is constantly researching new and improved products for wear resistant applications. Products go through a vigorous quality control process which involves wear, density and dimensional testing. Lintec Engineering has the capability of both assessing and evaluating the products that it uses, and comparing the results to the company’s firmly established quality standards.