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Lintec Engineering’s core focus is to protect its customer’s plant from excessive wear.

Wear, problematic in bulk materials handling, causes high maintenance costs and unnecessary downtime resulting in lost revenue. Lintec wear resistant applications will reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and increase plant performance. Lintec selects the best lining materials for the application parameters and the client’s budget, thereby creating invaluable benefit for customers.

Site Survey

Site Survey

Lintec Engineering has experienced engineers that are available for site visits to assess wear problems.

Design of Linings

Design of Linings

Once Lintec has the application parameters, the design and specification of lining can proceed.

Full Installations

Full Installations

Lintec offers full installation service for all wear products on-site and in-house.

Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

Experienced draughtsman, boiler makers and welders are available to handle all types of fabrications.


About Us

Lintec Engineering provides wear solutions to the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Mineral Beneficiation
  • Base & Precious Metal Smelting
  • Power Generation (coal fired power stations)
  • Iron and Steel
  • Cement & Lime Manufacture
  • Petro-Chemical Refining and Production

Common items requiring wear linings are: Agitators; Branches; Chutes; Classifiers; Cones; Cyclones; Ejectors; Fans; Feeders; Launders; Manifolds; Mills; Pipes; Pipe Bends; Silos; Splitter Boxes; Spoons; Square Bends; Square to Round; Troughs; Trunions; T & Y-Pieces; and Venturis
Wear Products include: Alumina; Basalt; Carbides; UHMWPE; Concretes; Cast Alloy Iron; Hard-facing; Wear Compounds and Impact Panels.

Lintec Engineering is ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Lintec Engineering Products

Lintec Alumina

Alumina ceramics offer exceptional wear and chemical resistance as well as mechanical and electrical insulation properties.



Lindure is one of the hardest ceramics available. It offers exceptional resistance to wear and is also outstanding in applications where thermal variations occur.


Linhard liners are used mainly in applications where particle energy is too high for ceramics.



Lintec Basalt

Lintec Basalt was developed for slurry or high wear sliding applications, Cast Basalt is an effective wear resistant material.


Lintec developed abrasion resistant concretes for use in flue gas ducts, sluiceways and for bedding other wear liners.


The tough, wear and corrosion resistant properties if Linplast 1 make it ideal for some pipe and other linings.



This hard-facing overlay is normally fabricated in the form of liner plates.


Lingrids and Linpact Panels

Lingrids and Linpact Panels solve wear problems where impact and abrasion cause high maintenance and short life with coventional linings.

Lintec Wear Compounds

Specific purpose adhesives and wear resistant mortars are developed and manufactured according to strict quality control procedures.

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Implementation & Support

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