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Lintec developed abrasion resistant concretes for use in fuel gas ducts, sluiceways and for bedding other wear liners.

Lintec currently has 4 concretes developed:

Product Description
Lincrete 1 Wear Resistant Concrete – up to 11000C. Calcium aluminate aggregate
Lincrete 2 Wear Resistant Concrete – up to 4500C. Andalusite aggregate
Lincrete 3 Grouting Concrete
Lincrete 4 Grouting Concrete for caustic conditions


Lintec Engineering is constantly researching new and improved products for wear resistant applications. Products go through a vigorous quality control process which involves wear, density and dimensional testing. Lintec Engineering has the capability of both assessing and evaluating the products that it uses, and comparing the results to the company’s firmly established quality standards.