Design & Specification of Linings

//Design & Specification of Linings
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Lintec Engineering has experienced engineers / technical personnel that are available for site visits to assess wear problems and take detailed measurements.
To design and install optimal wear protection Lintec needs to understand the application parameters.

To acheive this the following needs to be answered:

  • What type of material is being handled?
  • What is the particle size?
  • Is the material wet or dry?
  • Is the material acid or alkaline?
  • What are the temperatures? Is there a risk of thermal shock?
  • What is the velocity?
  • What volume is being handled?
  • Are there high and low wear areas?
  • Is there any impact?
  • What is the current lining and how long does it currently last?

Depending on the application other information will also need to be obtained.